Greyson Chance, the Evolutionary Bieber, Drops His First Single


Remember Greyson Chance, the 13-year-old kid whose school-talent-show take on “Paparazzi” won him viral fame and a record deal with Ellen? Well, his campaign for world domination officially began this morning, when he returned to Ellen's show to perform his lead single, “Waiting Outside the Lines.” Armed with an irrepressible smile, a snazzy vest, and, yep, the Bieber do, a spirited and steely Chance ran through this harmless bit of inspiration-pop, starting out on the piano to flex the skills before transitioning to the mike stand where he could really belt. This all makes sense; the Bieber clones were of course inevitable, and the campaign around Chance seems professionally executed enough to garner the lad his fair share of shrieking ladies and incessant radio play. But does the world need another Bieber, as long as the original's doing just fine?