The Secret Plotting of Mad Men’s Harry Crane, International Man of Mystery


Another season of Mad Men comes to an end on Sunday. It's been a roiling, tumultuous series of episodes, delving deep into the inner lives of Don, Peggy, Pete, and many others in the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce offices. And yet one fan favorite has remained largely in the background this season: head of media Harry Crane. His lovably neurotic ways were in short supply: a worry here, an abrupt dismissal there. Frankly, his low profile was suspicious. Was it because nothing was going on with this character? Or was there in fact a great deal going on with his character, but nothing that he could let on? We suspect the latter! Here's a theory: What if the whole shlumpy demeanor is a cover, and he is in fact a suave superspy, infiltrating SCDP to pull off his covert assignments? This puts the past twelve episodes in a whole new light! So let's take a look at season four from a new perspective, that of the Secret Life of Harry Crane.