Homeless Kermit Puppeteer Not Actually Homeless


You may have seen the wonderful "Homeless Man Makes Kermit Puppets Lip-Synch to Bowie" video that swept the entire Internet yesterday. Sweet and oddly affecting, the four-minute clip focused on one man, purportedly homeless (a sign beside him reads "Family in need, homeless with 2 kids, out of work") who masterfully made two Kermit puppets sing and dance to "Under Pressure." What next? People wondered. How can we give our money to this awesome guy? Well, we got in touch with Sky Soleil (that's his name) via e-mail to figure out how people can help, why exactly why he made the video, and what his story is. First of all, it turns out he's not homeless — but don't feel duped! Or, do, but then move past that feeling.

Are you actually homeless?
I'm not homeless, but I have been "under pressure" in my life. ... This is a performance meant to entertain and inspire. ... I don't want there to be any doubts about my situation. I am a performer. I have a roof over my head and I have yet to start my own family. But this video isn't about me. This is for the men, women, and children on our streets who don't have bright green puppets on their hands. The people who aren't always as easy to see. This is for you.

Where do you live, and how'd you make the video?
I'm based out of L.A. My friend Brian Maris and I co-directed the video. Brian was the cameraman as well. While I did come up with the puppet idea and performed the piece, it was inspired by the song "Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie. The message contained therein "sings" volumes. It's always inspired me and I'm overjoyed people are responding to the video so positively.

And how can people help?
[Go to] Squidoo, Help the Homeless for Free. Take a moment, read the link. If you do just one of the things listed I guarantee it will make a difference. Not just in the lives of those you are helping, but your own, and in turn your neighbors and everyone.