House: A Guide to the Weirdest Horror Movie Ever Made


There are many options for a Halloween-appropriate scare this week: There's the zombies-in-a–Big Brother–house mini-series Dead Set currently airing on IFC, more zombies on AMC's The Walking Dead starting Sunday, Paranormal Activity 2, and, in a few dwindling theaters, Let Me In. But there's nothing quite like today's Criterion rerelease of the 1977 Japanese horror-comedy House. Then again, there's nothing quite like it in any week, regardless of holiday. Even if the plot is familiar genre territory — seven female students try to escape a house haunted by a widow and her sinister cat — Nobuhiko Obayashi's glossy and willfully random film (neither the source material for Hugh Laurie's medical show nor William Katt's 1986 haunted-house film!) still manages to out-weird any David Lynch effort and even bests El Topo in terms of surrealism. Need proof? Here are ten of the strangest moments from the world’s oddest horror film.