How Jessica Alba Broke New Ground in Computer-Generated Side-Boob


Machete may have been received as a harmless Mexsploitation programmer, but as Michelle Rodriguez told us a little while back, the movie was actually something like a Trojan horse, able to smuggle in political fusillades under the cover of a man swinging on his intestines like a rope. But was the film packing more unexpected punch than it had at first seemed? What if, for example, it managed to turn a nudity-averse starlet into a side-boob-flashing screen hottie via CG magic?

The Daily Mail has obtained a picture of Jessica Alba clad in tight, white bra and panties on the film's set, both of which were digitally removed later for her "nude" shower scene. It's a novel new workaround that both helps Alba preserve the pledge she made this year that she'll never do a nude scene, and gives her a tighter, more taut computer-generated body. (It's also going to add a weird new paragraph to nudity riders: "ACTOR agrees that DIRECTOR has the right to add digitally fussed-over side-boob in postproduction.)

The naked truth: How Jessica Alba went nude without actually taking her clothes off [Daily Mail UK]