I Love You Phillip Morris Trailer: Jim Carrey’s Gay Prison Movie Is Finally Coming Out


It's really happening! After years of delays and legal red tape, the notorious Jim Carrey gay prison movie I Love You Phillip Morris is coming out via Roadside Attractions just in time for Christmas, and the NSFW domestic trailer has just been released. (It's been on the shelf so long that the last time Vulture covered a trailer for the film — then just a three-minute clip produced for French audiences — it was in December 2008.) Sure, the rest of the world has already watched it and the movie's been online for ages, but hey, Jim Carrey hasn't been seen in a live-action film in a few years, so there's that, right? Should Phillip Morris not be to your liking, you could simply hold out until Carrey's overdue return to movies commences with Mr. Popper's Penguins, but we have a hunch that movie will include way less gay spooning in prison, and be all the worse for it.