Inhale Trailer: Welcome to Mexico, Land of Stolen Organs


The one thing we will say in defense of Inhale, about a man (Dermot Mulroney) with a daughter in lung failure who goes down to shady, shady Mexico to buy an illegal lung from some shady, shady guys, is that it is not Traffic with organ donation. Learning perhaps from the example of Seven Pounds, Inhale has forgone multiple narratives and insane coincidences as a means of exploring a complex social issue and just stuck with a washed out color palette, sad people, nefarious networks of bad guys, a desperate father, and a lawless locale. Though the logline for the film says Mulroney’s character “must decide between saving the lives of hundreds of children being murdered for their organs or saving his daughter’s life,” the trailer makes almost no mention of the organs’ origins, opting to keep things morally straightforward, by which we mean: scary Mexican organ stealing cartel, bad; upset dad, good; Mexico, extremely shady.