It Gets Better, From the UCB Theatre


You may be familiar with Dan Savage’s It Gets Better project at this point, but if not, you should check it out. In it, hundreds of LBGT adults have made videos for teens who are being harassed for who they are, telling them to hang in there, because life will get better for them. It’s being done in response to the recent wave of suicides by gay teens who have been literally bullied to death.

Hundreds of people have made videos, ranging from celebrities to politicians to clergymen to normal everyday people. And now the gay community at NYC’s UCB Theatre has gotten together to make a video for the project. It’s a great reminder that even though there’s always someone complaining about an offensive joke or a racy comedy sketch, the comedy community is a pretty great, welcoming place that’s become home for a whole lot of people, gay and straight, who were bullied and made fun of when they were kids.