Jack Black to Produce a Cartoon About Mean Girls


Having lent his voice to Kung Fu Panda and Ice Age, Jack Black is now trying his hand at producing an animated project, this time for TV. Black and his Electric Dynamite production company are behind Tiny Monsters, a half-hour toon about junior-high mean girls that's in development at Fox via sister studio 20th Century Fox TV. Ali Rushfield, creator of ABC's short-lived 2006 Ted Danson comedy Help Me Help You, is writing the pilot script. As for Black, he's been stepping up his TV portfolio since signing an overall deal with production company Reveille (The Biggest Loser) earlier this year. In addition to the Fox toon, he's developing a TV adaptation of author A.J. Jacobs's My Life as an Experiment for NBC. As of now, there are no plans for Black to supply any voices to Monsters, though if the show actually makes it to series, it's hard to imagine him not at least making a few cameo appearances.