Johnny Depp Crashes Primary School at 9-Year-Old’s Request


Most 47-year-old men would get in trouble for putting on eyeliner, dressing in a wacky costume, and showing up unannounced at a grade school, but when it's Johnny Depp in full Jack Sparrow regalia, it's heartwarming and a savvy promotional stunt for the film he's currently shooting, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Depp was spurred to make the appearance yesterday by a note from 9-year-old British schoolchild Beatrice Delap, who hoped to enlist the star to join her and her classmates in insurrection: "We a all a bunch of budding young pirates. Normally we're a right handful but we're having trouble mutning agesent the teachers! We'd love it if you could come and help!" This is not going to encourage her spelling in the least. [Daily Mail UK]