Justin Bieber to Embarrass Major League Baseball


In 2007 the New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez announced he was opting out of his contract during Game 4 of the World Series, and a lot of people got mad that A-Rod was taking attention away from baseball. Well, that particular contentious incident will seem like a mere trifle compared to what's going down Saturday: Before Game 3 between the Giants and Rangers, during Fox's preshow, Justin Bieber will be premiering his music video for "Never Say Never." (The video was shot at Angels Stadium, and in it Bieber "sports gear from both teams.") But here's the problem: Once that level of advanced Bieber entertainment is introduced to impressionable baseball viewers, will anyone even bother sticking around to watch the inevitable let-down of a game? Expect all-time World Series ratings lows, MLB. [AP]