Kara DioGuardi Will Judge Bravo’s American Idol Clone


Congratulations are in order to Kara DioGuardi, who today joined the Bravo reality competition Going Platinum and became the last "old-school" American Idol judge to land her own gig. (Simon Cowell is prepping the U.S. version of The X Factor; Paula Abdul plans to judge the CBS series Got to Dance; and Randy Jackson will remain on Idol but must acclimate himself to the inclusion of two new mommies: Jennifer Lopez and a craggy, tell-it-like-it-is lady with elaborate highlights who may or may not be named "Roz.") The Jewel-hosted Bravo show will mostly ape Idol's successful formula, though it's restricted to singer-songwriters, off-limits to public voting, and will mine the drama produced by all twelve contestants living together. Also, since this is Bravo, we can probably expect more tattooed lesbians and gay showmances. Get excited!