Ke$ha’s New Single Is Called ‘Sleazy’


Back when “TiK ToK” first hit, the Times singled Ke$ha out as arguably the most successful white female rapper in the short history of the field. In the piece, we hear Ke$ha fully deny being a rapper (“Rap in general has never been my steez, but I like it”) and then find out she's got altogether different origins: “There are a pair of video clips on YouTube of Ke$ha performing country-rock songs, impressively, with her brother, Lagan, in a Nashville bar in 2006, moments that are more vibrant than much of her album. 'I love country music so much,' she said. 'That will hopefully be a phase of my career, way later.'” Way later indeed: Ke$ha's latest single, “Sleazy,” is here (it's off the upcoming Cannibal, which is her debut, Animal, with a few new songs tacked onto it), and it wholeheartedly embraces that goofy-white-girl-rapping “steez.” Sample line: “I'm not gonna sit here while you circle jerk it and work it / Imma take it back to where my man and my girls is.” (Also, the bridge: “The beat so fat gonna make me come … to your place.”) Ke$ha recently told Seventeen that “I don’t have the best body in the world, but I know for a fact that I have a really good voice.” Looks like the reinvention will have to wait until the third album.