Lara Flynn Boyle Gets a Reality-TV Show


By some reckonings, Lara Flynn Boyle was an actress born at the wrong time. If the woman best known for Twin Peaks, The Practice, Threesome, wearing a tutu to an awards show, being very thin, dating Jack Nicholson, and regularly doing something noteworthy to her lips, had been ten years younger (so now approaching 30 instead of 40), she likely would have been a member in good standing of the tabloids' lost generation (short for the “lost my credibility thanks to upskirt shots” generation), as opposed to the rogue, premature, solo tabloid oddity she did, at times, manage to become. But Flynn Boyle will not be foiled by the vagaries of birth, time, good taste, etc., and is doing her part to find her true path: starring in a reality pilot for E! The show will follow Flynn Boyle's life and marriage in Texas and her “Hollywood-centric lifestyle in Bel Air." Self-actualization in action, everyone. [Deadline]