Last Night on Late Night: Johnny Knoxville Won’t Call Chelsea Handler ‘Ma’am’ Ever Again


Jackass: 3D's Johnny Knoxville stopped by Chelsea Lately to chat his huge weekend at the box office and how he lost a tooth because of something called a dildo bazooka. The conversation hit the skids after Knoxville called host Chelsea Handler "ma'am" and tried to apologize by blaming his southern upbringing. Handler was having none of it. "Yeah, I know, but I'm not," she replied. Oh, snap. Up next on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Teri Hatcher has a theory that her breasts are using Method acting in order to keep up the pace with her character's new lingerie-clad Desperate Housewives story line. Wrapping things up on Lopez Tonight, it's The Defenders' Jim Belushi showing off some very impressive yoga skills while munching on a big fat cigar. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.