Liam Neeson Replacing Mel Gibson in The Hangover 2


Well, that was quick. Less than 24 hours after Mel Gibson was dropped from The Hangover 2 because the cast complained, director Todd Phillips has found a replacement: the totally uncontroversial Liam Neeson! Unlike both Gibson and Mike Tyson (who appeared in The Hangover), Neeson has never done anything to offend anyone, which is the point: There is no way Zach Galifianakis, or anyone else, has an ethical problem with him. We're sure he'll make for a very fine fictional tattoo artist anyway. (Though we'll always wonder what Tiger could have done with the part.) UPDATE: Apparently it was Bradley Cooper, Neeson's co-star on The A-Team who asked him to take the part. "I just got a call to do a one day shoot on Hangover 2 as a tattooist in Thailand, and that's all I know about it," Neeson told Variety. Plus, he's familiar with the first film: "I just laughed my leg off when I saw The Hangover, I was shooting in Berlin earlier this year and rented it on the hotel TV." [HR]