London Boulevard Trailer: Colin Farrell, Romantic Thug


Imagine Notting Hill had a one-night stand with a two-bit gangster and you’re pretty much there with the plot of London Boulevard. The directorial debut of William Monahan, the guy who wrote the screenplay for The Departed, stars Colin Farrell as an ex-con who falls in love with a skittish movie star (Keira Knightley) while getting caught up with a bunch of gangsters. It’s certainly not a rom-com, but it also doesn't quite seem like the slick, light action film the jaunty soundtrack and one-liners make it out to be: There’s a bit too much angst lurking around the margins. Still, tonally confused or otherwise, we're onboard any time Colin Farrell wants to reprise his role from In Bruges, and even more so when he has this salt and pepper thing going on with his hair.