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saturday night live

Mark Zuckerberg ‘Liked’ SNL’s Facebook Skit, Disliked Confusing ‘Hoverboard Money’ Reference

Was Andy Samberg's portrayal of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on last weekend's Saturday Night Live a markedly more flattering take than Jesse Eisenberg's in The Social Network? Zuckerberg himself thought so — as TechCrunch noticed, he posted the sketch on his Facebook wall, noting, "I'm a big Andy Samberg fan so I thought this was funny." However, Zuckerberg wasn't quite as keen on the Samberg line that called his $100 million donation to Newark schools "hoverboard money"; when a commenting friend praised the line as "clutch," Zuckerberg replied, "I actually didn't understand that. What does that even mean?" [TechCrunch]