Matt Dillon Latest Person to Sue Crash


Since its release in 2005, Crash — the Oscar-winning movie about how everyone who seems racist isn’t, and everyone who doesn’t seem racist is — has attracted lawsuits like Bieber attracts shrieking 14-year-olds. First, executive producer Bob Yari sued the Academy and Producers Guild for denying him a producer credit on the film, and thus an opportunity to take the stage and give an Oscar speech. Then Paul Haggis, Brendan Fraser, and others sued Yari for some of the film's profits. Now Matt Dillon is joining in on the sue-fest, filing a suit against Yari and other producers for cheating him out of $100,000. See, Crash really has a way of teaching important, oversimplified lessons — like everyone is latently racist, and now, everyone is latently greedy! Going to Netflix it right now! [HR]