Let Me In Director Matt Reeves’s Ten Favorite Movie Kills


Among many other things, Cloverfield and Let Me In director Matt Reeves knows how to kill off a character, in ways that are alternately (and often simultaneously) horrifying, pathetic, tragic, ironic, and intense. His Cloverfield monster ravaged Manhattanites with almost abstract savagery. And Let Me In (which opens today), a chilling remake of the Swedish vampire flick Let the Right One In, is even more gruesome. Specifically, Reeves re-creates and improbably one-ups the most disturbing mass murder of the original film, in which the victim of a group of bullies watches from a pool as his tormentors are slaughtered: This nasty-brilliant mass execution may be dissected and referenced by gore aficionados for years to come. So who better to consult to come up with a list of the ten greatest kills in movie history? We asked Reeves to select his favorite decapitations, stabbings, shootings, and stranglings — and here's what he came up with, from Dial M for Murder and 2001 to Bonnie & Clyde.