Mission: Impossible 4 Adds Slumdog Villain Anil Kapoor


Mission: Impossible 4 (which is still the working title, at least until they turn it into something like Mission: 4possible (please!)) has already started shooting — perhaps you've seen paparazzi photos of Tom Cruise baring his strikingly square chest on set? — but it's not too late for the production to add two more villains. Deadline reports that Slumdog Millionaire game-show host/lovably vainglorious podium hog Anil Kapoor will play one new baddie, while Girl with the Dragon Tattoo runner-up Lea Seydoux will play another, joining original Dragon Tattoo actor Michael Nyqvist on the black-hat side. Will Kapoor and Cruise have an enthusiasm-off? Cross your fingers! [Deadline]