New on Vulture Recommends: Surfing With Amy Sedaris, Gallery Hopping With Neil LaBute


You know who we want to sit around watching viral videos with? Amy Sedaris. So we called the writer-comedian up, she told us about her five favorites, and now we're sitting here at work watching "Monkey Boxing" , and it's like she's right here beside us. You know who we never thought we'd be talking photography with? Provocative playwright-director (and now gallery artist) Neil LaBute, who told us about these spookily brilliant portraits by Julia Margaret Cameron. Those are just two reasons to check out Vulture Recommends this week, where our own critics are queuing up great new music, TV shows, videos, and DVDs, from Mindless Behavior's earworm single "My Girl" to the beautiful new Chaplin at Keystone DVD set. So check it out. Now!