New Picks on Vulture Recommends: Ethan Hawke’s Favorite Actor Memoirs and Michael Franti’s Best New Reggae


Every weekday on Vulture Recommends, we ask a different artist to curate a list of five amazing things. This week, the range is ridiculous: We bounce from Ethan Hawke's favorite actor memoirs to Michael Franti's favorite new reggae albums and on to Anthony Rapp's most beloved Broadway cast albums. (We'll wrap up the week with John Turturro and Sleigh Bells, but you can also now read lists by past guest critics including Sarah Silverman, Salman Rushdie, Solange, Demetri Martin, and the Walkmen.) And that's in addition to our own critics' picks: viral videos, DVDs, books, movies, and more. There's so much to see, hear, and do, you'll never have to speak to anyone ever again.