On-Set Video From Super 8: Tanks, Soldiers, and Muscle Cars


One fine resident of Weirton, West Virginia, where J.J. Abrams is currently filming Super 8, his top secret cinematic homage to Steven Spielberg’s seventies alien films, did a little on-set filming himself, recording one of the movie’s night shoots. What hints can be gleaned from the five-minute result? Sure to appear in Super 8 are seventies cars, military jeeps, tanks, lots of soldiers, gun fire, actual fire, and wet streets! In the footage, tanks and soldiers can be seen proceeding down a suburban street and set up surrounding a house. It’s night, the street has a distinct "every street" vibe (Weirton is standing in for the fictional Lillian, Ohio), and between the soldiers, guns, and 1979 décor, it’s reminiscent of the scenes from E.T. when Elliott's contending with the government. In the video, you can hear, though not see, gunfire, and there's a real fire — albeit a small one — next to the porch. And, at one point, a truck officially labeled the property of Paramount Pictures makes sure the street stays gleaming wet. Still unseen: The teenagers who, possibly accidentally, capture an alien on film. And, of course, the alien itself! [i09]