Party Lines Slideshow: Christina Ricci, Laura Linney, Robert Klein, and More at the Opening Night of Time Stands Still


Last week at opening night of the new Time Stands Still — Donald Margulies’s play about a war photographer and journalist couple, their magazine editor friend, and their magazine editor friend's young girlfriend — all the talk was about Christina Ricci taking over the role vacated by Alicia Silverstone. Ricci admitted to being a little nervous about her Broadway debut. "I’ve always been really, really terrified to do anything in front of a live audience," she told Vulture. "I’ve always had a lot of stage fright. And when you’re doing a film you have time to prepare for crying scenes. When you’re onstage, the whole time you have to go from super-duper happy to crying. And I was like, 'How the hell am I going to do that?'" For more candid celebrity quotes, click through our Party Lines slideshow.