Party Lines Slideshow: Doug Liman, Naomi Watts, Pablo Schreiber, and More at the Fair Game Screening


At the Cinema Society & Giorgio Armani’s screening of Fair Game — an adaptation of the Valerie Plame story, with Naomi Watts playing the CIA agent outed by the Bush administration — Vulture caught up with director Doug Liman, who had lots to say about the veracity of his movie. "We've spent years researching the facts," Liman explained. "This is not an Oliver Stone treatment where the truth will be able to be manipulated. Because in the end, this is the story about the truth. The president saying lies to the American people, so the last thing in the world I would be accused of as a filmmaker is doing the same thing I was accusing the president of the United States of doing." For less righteous celebrity quotes, click through our Party Lines slideshow.