Party Lines Slideshow: Jonathan Ames, Edward Norton, Milla Jovovich, and More at the Stone Premiere


Last night at the MoMA, during the premiere party for Stone — a new crime thriller starring Robert De Niro as a parole officer and Edward Norton as a cornrow-sporting felon — Vulture caught up with partygoer Jonathan Ames. The question on our mind, of course, was what Ames was making of his famous-Brooklyn-writer-named-Jonathan compatriot, Jonathan Lethem, leaving Brooklyn for California. "I’m friends with Jonathan and I’m sad to see him go," Ames told us. "I mean, it’s a little bit dark replacing David Foster Wallace [at Pomona College], but he’s a real man of letters. Anyway, I think Brooklyn will be all right. The Dodgers left, you know." For a few more amusing celebrity quotes, click through our Party Line slideshow.