Party Lines Slideshow: Sarah Paulson, James Earl Jones, Vanessa Redgrave, and More at Opening Night of Driving Miss Daisy


Earlier this week, at the opening night of Driving Miss Daisy at the John Golden Theatre, Vulture asked the assorted celebrities about their experiences with drivers. Glenn Close had a pretty good answer, and so did Sarah Paulson: "Mostly I seem to do a panicked thing of trying to get them to stay awake. Because I always seem to be going somewhere early in the morning or late at night, and I’m always worried that they’re going to fall asleep at the wheel. So every time I see them even blink, I start coughing loudly, I sneeze, I make my phone ring by testing ring tones, or I ask them questions about themselves. That always seems to perk them up. Everyone loves to talk about themselves." For more famous people talking chauffeurs, click through our Party Lines slideshow.