Raging Boll Trailer; or, the Uwe Boll Charm Offensive


Upon watching the trailer for Raging Boll, a documentary about Uwe Boll — the Ed Wood of our times and the director of such mediocrities as BloodRayne, Darfur, and Auschwitz — one thing is immediately clear: This documentary is as good as any Uwe Boll–related project is ever going to get. Sure, this is damning with faint praise, but Boll is just the kind of driven, oblivious, wannabe Übermensch who gives good, even charming interviews. Also, he's the kind of guy willing to be filmed wearing lederhosen and shooting a gun. The doc includes footage from his 2006 stunt boxing match, Boll laughing while filming a small girl getting shot in the stomach, and him arguing that it's better to make bad films than crap on people who make bad films — a preposterous-sounding argument just after you've sat through a Boll movie, but a relatively convincing one after this three-minute trailer.