Reminder: Miley Cyrus Is All! Grown! Up!


How’s the transitional period of Miley Cyrus’s career going? Not bad! Her weepy Nicholas Sparks movie pulled in a respectable $88 million worldwide and she’s recently become famous enough to earn an SNL parody, so there’s that. But is it us, or has her “adult” album, Can’t Be Tamed (presumably Yeah, I’m 17 But I Totally Know What Sex Is was deemed too expository), been flying under the radar? Right on cue, then, comes another allegedly sultry music video from the young lady, this time for aspiring dance jam “Who Owns My Heart.” (Tangential, yet crucial: actual song lyrics of "Who Owns My Heart" include “Who owns my heart? / Is it love or is it art?”) And all requisite, vaguely–“Waiting for Tonight”–indebted elements are present and accounted for: underdressed Miley writhing around in silk sheets, underdressed Miley writhing around on a sweaty, packed dance floor, underdressed Miley writhing around in a bathtub while wearing some kind of complicated head wrap (?!!). So the question is: Anyone buying this?