Russians and Southerners Get the Jersey Shore Treatment


Is Jersey Shore a stereotype-filled blight on Italian culture? Who cares — now that it's famous, other ethnicities and subcultures want in! THR brings word of Brighton Beach, a Russian-American take on Jersey Shore for Lifetime (though unlike Shore, it will include old people and kids), and Party Down South, a redneck-flavored variation on the format for Comedy Central (sadly, it is not a spinoff of the short-lived Starz comedy Party Down). In other news, MTV is still high on the proposed Shore spinoff that would chronicle Pauly D's D.J. career, and though a Snooki series seems inevitable, the network is rejecting competition- and dating-show pitches. Alas, this would seem to spell doom for a Snooki-led version of America's Next Top Face Model. [Live Feed/THR]