Sarah Jessica Parker: Sex and the City Franchise Maybe Not Dead After All


Vulture caught up with Sarah Jessica Parker at the New York City Ballet’s fall gala last night, and she said that despite the poor reviews for the second Sex and the City movie — and what Chris Noth told us last month ("The franchise is dead. The press killed it") — the series is not necessarily dead: "I don’t know the future; I would say that you never know what will happen with that particular franchise. It’s less about the reviewers than it is about the audience, and they’ve been pretty true, so we tend to listen to them more than anybody else," Parker told us. Also, it's not Noth who gets final say, but it might be SATC's director, writer, and executive producer, Michael Patrick King: “If Michael Patrick didn’t put those words into those characters’s mouths, I don’t think people would respond for so many years,” Parker said. “So we’ll see. Who knows.”