What Does The Sing-Off’s Return Mean for Other NBC Shows?


Remember The Sing-Off, the a cappella music competition NBC aired last winter? Well, it's coming back for a second season in December, which isn't really news, since the Peacock said months ago the show would return and even that it would probably be back around the holidays. What's interesting, however, is how NBC plans to air the show — and, specifically, which series will be displaced by its arrival on the network's schedule.

NBC says it will air Sing-Off on Monday and Wednesday nights from 8 to 10 p.m. starting Monday, December 6 and ending December 20. That means Chuck, The Event, Undercovers, and Law & Order: SVU are all currently slated to be displaced from their normal time periods. It makes sense that The Event would take a break in December: It's a serialized drama that doesn't repeat well. Chuck has also been known to avoid repeats. In the case of Undercovers, however, the preemption is not such a great sign: It means NBC doesn't have much hope the show will find an audience in the 8 p.m. Wednesday slot, and could be mulling a time-slot change. (Except for the canceled Outlaw, Undercovers is the only NBC newcomer to not get an order for additional episodes yet.) And what of the decision to take SVU, one of NBC's most reliable performers, out of its 9 p.m. Wednesday slot for two weeks? Given how well that show does in repeats, we're betting NBC has other plans for SVU — like, perhaps, a shift back to the 10 p.m. Wednesday slot where it performed so well for years. That would mean a move for Law & Order: L.A., but given other holes in NBC's lineup — like 10 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays — finding a new home for that show wouldn't be hard.