So, How About That Insane Sex Scene Between Mary-Louise Parker and Zack Morris?


Sometimes TV is magical, and magical in the most enchanting, uncanniest sense of the word: It makes the impossible possible, bends space and time, and delivers wonders beyond imagination. On Monday night, Weeds turned super-high-powered sorcerer on us and performed the following magic trick: making Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) and Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) do the extremely nasty in a raunchy, over-the-top, against a bar counter, super-NSFW sex scene. We do not know exactly how Zack Morris — last seen with blond hair and an oversize cell phone — ended up an extremely good-looking bartender working at some sketchy small-town establishment who knows all about doing the sex with an unhinged drug-dealing mom (is this what happens when Kelly Kapowski bleeds you for alimony and you spend two decades palling around with that pervert Screech?), but, guys— that's why it's magic.

In the clip below, you can find the direct preamble to Nancy and Zack's hot sex next to a bar stool. It should be noted that Nancy has spent a few hours in the bar already, so this is not the pairs' first interaction. It is, however, more intimate than their previous ones, and after the hair-pulling incident at the end of this clip, gets even more intimate, in a sex scene you can find here (around the 23-minute mark) that is all kinds of butt-biting, belt-whipping, naked levels of raunchy. Abracadabra!