So, Is Kanye West’s Latest Signee Any Good?


Most of the world was introduced to CyHi da Prynce via Kanye's “So Appalled,” where he rhymed “Matt Leinart” with “Pathfinder,” vowed that “if God had a iPod I would be on his playlist,” and generally held his own alongside Jay-Z and Pusha-T. CyHi (that's pronounced “Sy High,” for the record) had already been active on the mixtape circuit and making slow and steady in-roads before getting the Kanye call-up dramatically accelerated the process. So with the prominent intro and co-sign, can the young feller now really get his career rolling? That's certainly the plan: playing off the newfound momentum, CyHi has dropped a brand-new mixtape, Royal Flush, plus a high-profile feature on A-Trak's “Ray Ban Vision.” He's got an immediately engaging voice: It's an instantly recognizable world-weary kind of thing, certainly appreciated considering he's only 25, and he seems to have no problem coming up with funny quotables (from the mixtape's “Fast Lane”: “So now I'm on the autobahn / Wit' a auto nine / I'm in Central Europe and still on Chicago time”) and picking the right smoothed-over beats to complement his general “I am awesome” mentality. There's nothing particularly earth-shaking about him right now, but label this one under "promising."

"Ray Ban Vision"

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