Stage Dive: Did Philip K. Dick Dream of Downtown Theater?


This is an item about Untitled Theater Company #61's upcoming stage adaptation of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Philip K. Dick's most famously cinematized novel — and I'm finding it damned hard to resist deploying a "Blade Re-Runner" pun. But I'm willing to let it vanish. Like tears. In rain.

Written and directed by UTC61's Edward Einhorn (Cat's Cradle, as well as this interesting legal mess), Androids will be presented at the techie paradise 3LD Art and Technology Center, ensuring lots of digital wizardry that will surely aspire to Tony Scott (if not Ridley Scott) echelons of awesomeness. The show allegedly "returns to the original novel's ideas about a post-apocalyptic world seeking resurrection through the rediscovery of empathy. The production uses innovative video techniques to blur the lines between humanity and technology, finding the soul within the machine." Okay, sounds good. As long as "rediscovering empathy" means including this bit. Might need to call in Julie Taymor and the good folks over at Fuerzabruta. Plus, rent a snake. But some things you just can't scrimp on, even Off Broadway.