Ten Album Titles Culled From Kanye’s Twitter That Are Better Than My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


Earlier today, Kanye tweeted the official title of his upcoming, by all possible signs destined-to-be-epically-great album. And that title is: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Huh. With the caveat that even a much sillier album title than that couldn't possibly damper our enthusiasm for this thing, we have to say: That is a really silly album title! (Commenter AvenueHebrew sums things up nicely: “17-year-old Hot Topic cashier poetry title. Booooo.”) And the head-scratching thing isn't even that Kanye's always had great album titles in the past (and even a solid one, Good Ass Job, was originally slotted for this album) — it's that Kanye's own awesome Twitter account has birthed so many possibly great alternate album names. So, herewith: ten album titles, inspired by Kanye's own tweets, better than (sigh) My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

1. Jogging in Lanvin
2. Persian Rugs With Cherub Imagery
3. Fur Pillows Are Actually Hard to Sleep On
4. Copped These Goblets
5. McDonald's and Museum Toys
6. Being Nice Is My Whole Shit
7. Nice Napkins vs. Paper Towels
8. Ninjas Are Cool
9. I Wonder What Thom Yorke Is Doing Right Now
10. Awesome Bike Store Decisions

What else?