Let’s Have a Toast to Whoever ‘Banned’ Kanye’s Album Cover


"Yoooo they banned my album cover!!!!!" exclaimed Kanye West via Twitter last night. "They don't want me chilling on the couch with my phoenix!" he said, describing the glorious proposed art for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Twitpic'd here), a painting depicting a topless, armless, winged female character farting polka dots and straddling a demonic-looking gentleman who we suppose is meant to be Kanye. Who are they? Still unclear. Also unclear is whether the cover was actually banned: The L.A. Times spoke with an anonymous person at Island Def Jam who says "West was strongly urged to use alternate art," but "was told if he wanted to do it, the label would stand behind him." Oh well — we'd rather have a pretend controversy and a new cover anyway. We're pretty sure Kanye can do better.

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