The Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler Video Gets a Plausible Explanation


When YouTube user George Clarke found some video of a mysterious person talking on a cellphone-like object during the 1928 premiere of Charlie Chaplin's film The Circus, he employed a very novel inversion of Occam's razor to explain it: When there are competing theories about a weirdo in some old footage, Clarke reasoned, the simplest explanation should be thrown out, because alleging that the person is a time traveler is so, so much cooler. Alas, the Christian Science Monitor has come along to debunk Clarke's theory, proving almost certainly that the supposed time traveler is just holding an elaborate period hearing aid known as an ear trumpet. We would believe this, but how do we know that time travelers didn't simply start interning at the Monitor a year ago to protect their investments? Or at Vulture? [Christian Science Monitor via Slashfilm]