The Fighter’s New Mad Men Trailer: Remember Us, Awards Voters?


Like its lead character, the trailers for the Mark Wahlberg boxing movie The Fighter always have something to prove. When the first clip came out and smacked of a conventional sports drama, it all but boasted, "You think David O. Russell can't direct something this square and mainstream? Think again!" (Russell still may be attempting to prove that one, if his attempt to now mount a video-game-derived action flick is any indication.) Then, as the mostly unseen in town picture began to fade from early Oscar prognostication lists, Paramount came back swinging with a wowser of a trailer on last night's Mad Men, reestablishing the movie as a highbrow awards pick in a two-minute spot so confident that a dessicated, transformative Christian Bale gets less screen time than Melissa Leo's amazing hair. (But what hair it is! Oscars now for that, please.)