The Fourth Stieg Larsson Book You Still Can’t Read Might Actually Be the Fifth Stieg Larsson Book You Can’t Read


Before he died, Stieg Larsson is believed to have written at least some part of another installment in his best-selling Millennium series. Much about this unpublished follow-up to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo remains a mystery: How much is completed? Who owns it? (His family inherited his estate, but his partner has the computer the book is on.) What's it about? And now, apparently, whether it’s the fourth or fifth book in the series. According to Larsson’s brother, “I got an e-mail from Stieg 10 days before he died, where he said that book four is nearly finished … To make it more complicated, this book number four — that’s book number five, because he thought that was more fun to write.” Meaning, possibly, the unpublished book that you can't yet read was written out of order. This will probably make no difference to you, as a reader, but sure does give Hollywood a good excuse to drag this thing out for five movies. [MediaDecoder/NYT]