The Full Scream 4 Teaser: Killing? There’s an App for That


When the Scream 4 trailer was shown at Spike TV's Scream Awards last weekend, resulting in a ton of blurry bootlegs, we could hardly have imagined how thematically appropriate those cell-phone-captured clips would be. Dimension just released the full, slightly longer teaser, and if there's one takeaway you should be getting from Scream 4, it's that smartphones have changed the way horror movies operate. No, it's not that a victim can call or tweet her way out of peril — somehow, we think bad AT&T reception is going be blamed over and over in dangerous situations — it's that she'd rather capture Ghostface on her iPhone than have him captured by the cops. The horror-movie rules change when you can make your own horror movie with the slim device in your pocket, but we've got news for these meta, media-obsessed meat socks: A Hipstamatic snapshot is not going to make your death any prettier.