The Simpsons Aid the ‘Mark Zuckerberg Is a Likable Guy’ Campaign


Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was everywhere this weekend: personified by Jesse Eisenberg as a baby-faced, Machiavellian, socially awkward genius in the box-office-topping The Social Network, and making an entirely related, rep-assuaging stunt cameo on last night's Simpsons as a person capable of making fun of himself. It was the second salvo (first, $100 million to Newark!) in Zuckerberg's PR push not to be seen as a total jerk. On last night's episode, he met Lisa at an entrepreneur fair and made fun of college educations. ("Hell yeah. I'll get the best kind of degree: honorary!") Of particular note, he has a deepish — yet sort of robotic! — voice, and his Simpsons avatar was wearing a roll-neck green sweater, which just seems like something the Zuck would never wear. (Adidas slip ons! Come on!)