Thom Yorke Will Charge You for Two Minutes of Silence


After allowing people to pay diddly-squat for the Radiohead album In Rainbows, Thom Yorke has now gone in the opposite direction: charging something to listen to nothing. At first glance, Yorke's new song to commemorate Britain's Remembrance Day may sound like it's heralding an unlikely super-collaboration — he's teaming with Mark Ronson, British Prime Minister David Cameron, Bryan Ferry, Bob Hoskins, and tennis star Andy Murray for the track — but then again, it's a charitable single called "2 Minute Silence," and it delivers exactly what the title promises. "Rather than record a song, we felt the UK public would recognize the poignancy of silence and its clear association with remembrance," said the Royal British Legion’s director general Chris Simpkins. Also notable: This now becomes Mark Ronson's second project in a row without brassy horns. Boy's on a roll! [Stereogum]