The Seventeen Films That Shaped Tim Gunn


In Project Runway host Tim Gunn's new memoir, Gunn's Golden Rules, he hints at the Hollywood influences on his sensibility. Vulture asked him to elaborate and pick out the specific films that affected him most, and he graciously replied with the following guide and this introduction: "Occasionally when I was teaching, a student would ask, 'How do I get inspiration?' I found it so shocking. What were they doing in art school if they didn’t feel the call to create? 'Well, how can I find inspiration?' they would ask. 'Look around you!' I would say. 'Look out the window. Go for a walk. Go to a movie. Go to a museum. Go see a show. Read a book. Go to the library. Take the Circle Line. Have a conversation.' That’s one of the main things I look at when I interview designers for Project Runway consideration: their inspirations. And I don’t feel right asking people to open up to me without opening up to them, so here are some of the fashion-forward films I would show to my students, and that I find myself going back to again and again."