Tiny Furniture Trailer: Meet Judd Apatow’s Newest Prodigy, Lena Dunham


Mumblecore is a genre of filmmaking so low budget that supposedly anyone can do it, and yet it's just as much of a boys' club as any other filmic niche. Maybe Lena Dunham can flip the script a little: She wrote, directed, and starred in the SXSW hit Tiny Furniture, and though it's got the twentysomething ennui you'd expect from this sort of movie, there's less whatever-works improvisation and more actual scripting, thanks to Dunham's sharp comic sensibilities (which she'll hone under the tutelage of Judd Apatow, who came aboard to produce Dunham's upcoming HBO pilot). "I thought [Tiny Furniture] was hilarious and very sweet," Apatow told us, adding, "She has a very original voice, and she made that movie for $45,000 when she was 24 years old. She’s a remarkable talent with gifts in so many different areas."