Switcheroo: Nick Hornby Picks His Favorite Music, and Ben Folds Picks His Favorite Books


This week, New York spoke to Nick Hornby and Ben Folds about their new project Lonely Avenue. On the album, as one might expect, author Nick Hornby wrote the lyrics and musician Ben Folds then transformed those words into the album’s eleven songs. But since Hornby is to the top-five list what Basho is to the haiku, Vulture asked Hornby and Folds to face off with their own playlists and booklists, only, turning the tables: with Hornby recommending his current favorite songs and Folds his favorite books. Click through to see Hornby's ten-song playlist (from Sade to the Format) alternate with Folds’s ten-book reading list (from Woody Allen’s short stories to biologist Richard Dawkins's The God Delusion). Who wins? You.