Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson May Reunite for El Presidente


Remember 1992's A Few Good Men? Tom Cruise shouting Aaron Sorkin's dialogue! Jack Nicholson earning an Oscar nod for a couple of days of work! Demi Moore strutting in naval whites! Things seemed simpler then, didn't they? (At the very least, no one in the cast was dressing his daughter like a socialite's American Girl doll or starring in The Bucket List.) Now, reports the L.A. Times, Cruise and Nicholson are hoping to recapture those good times with the comedy El Presidente, in which Nicholson would play a bumbling president on the run from a death threat, with Secret Service agent Cruise assigned to protect him. We can hear Billy Bush screaming, "You can't handle ... the reunion!" already. [24 Frames/LAT]