Train’s New Song That You Might Soon Hate Is Here


Train, the San Francisco pop-rock combo originally best known as the band to listen to if you find Matchbox 20 too damn loud, has enjoyed some level of commercial relevance and cool-guy irrelevance since their late-nineties single “Meet Virginia.” But as anyone who owns a television can attest, the band's ubiquity has dramatically spiked in the last year and a half thanks to the utter domination of their single “Hey, Soul Sister” in the realm of TV licensing. It's popped up on CSI: New York, Medium, and a Nurse Jackie ad, but it's been the Samsung 3-D commercial (which samples the "hey hey, hey hey hey hey" part. Yeah, you know what we're talking about) that's flooded the block with Train. And for their next trick: Via press release, Coca-Cola has announced that a new ad campaign for the holiday season — which will be deployed to 90 countries — will be built around a brand-new Train song. Says front man Pat Monahan, in a particularly automaton sounding statement, “The song 'Shake Up Christmas' is inspired by childhood memories of spending time with family and sharing the happiness and hope that the season brings. Having it be part of the Coca-Cola campaign is a wonderful way to share that sentiment with a bigger audience. We are looking forward to performing it for our fans during the coming weeks.” “And for it to dominate your brain whether you like it or not!,” he did not add. Check out “Shake Up Christmas” after the jump.