Vulture Freestyles on the Sidewalk With Chiddy Bang


Today the infuriatingly young and talented hip-hop duo Chiddy Bang release their first EP, The Preview. You might be familiar with them — 20-year-old friends Chidera "Chiddy" Anamege and Noah "Xaphoon Jones" Beresin — from "The Opposite of Adults," their awesome remix of MGMT’s “Kids” (currently at 7 million hits), or from their free and excellent mixtapes. Or maybe you’ve just been following along as we’ve chronicled their every music video and song stream. Regardless, in honor of their EP’s release, we took them around Union Square, asking strangers to stump them with freestyle challenges. They're unstumpable! Enjoy, and then, if you’re so inclined, download The Preview on iTunes. (Also, please give lots of money to Greenpeace, because it has an employee who's a very good sport.)